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Subsurface Scattering

Another test, prompted by the LuxRender forums and the new volume definitions of 0.7. This time it is fake subsurface scattering, Though i am not 100 % sure how this works within luxrender. If you want to render something like… … Continue reading

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Cube Desktop

It has been done a million times before. Taking some inspiration from the Cube default scene in render, this was also take on a post I saw on the blender forums. Simple shapes can often look rather awesome as desktop … Continue reading

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GPGPU rendering, LuxRays and SmallLuxGPU

This will be more an information post than anything else… but its something i have been watching very closely. Ever since CUDA was being pushed as the best thing since sliced bread, a few people on the Lux forums were … Continue reading

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Projects II

This weekend i spent a fair chunk of my free time playing around with adding a complex item to my ‘work’ scene. This came in the form of a low background proportional counter…. (yeah one of those!). They are the … Continue reading

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Following the last post and still on the theme of making things look a bit…. old, the Amp shunt also included in the scene composed of random things, (the black shiny thing, with 4 knobs on it) actually is rather … Continue reading

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Making the perfect, imperfect

One thing that can spell the death of an attempted realistic render is… perfection. A perfectly shiny metal surface, smooth sharp edges. While it looks good, it really makes the image just look like a render. I do have to … Continue reading

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Hour Glass

During an uneventful sunday i just started modelling, wanting to do something with the Glass2 material of Lux that i love. This resulted in an hour glass made… well of glass. In this scene, i used a standard studio template … Continue reading

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