Projects 1

I am slowly working on a few projects. I will attempt to post my progress and any interesting things i find along the way as each develops.

The first is simply an interior scene, a shower room based upon a flat i used to live in during my PhD. It started out just as an attempt to model some nice glass bricks that people often use in bathrooms or halls. The scene has developed far enough to have a full scene that I am starting to tune materials and textures for each object.

Rough render

While working on this scene i discovered the use of instances (alt-d) . This is where the geometry of an object is duplicated and placed somewhere else. This is different from simply copying (shift-d) which copies everything and creates a new object. In many cases this can help stop enormous memory usage for fairly simple scenes. As you see I have two differently colored bricks, these are instanced to produce each brick shown in the scene, along with its grouting. Without using instances i quickly run out of memory when trying to render the scene – even on my MacBook with 4GB of ram.

The second project started out more as a modelling practice that I decided to carry on with and develope into an actual scene. I started out by modelling my pentel pencil.

Modelled pencil

I then started adding models of things i have around in my office.

Added several items...

Most of these items i take home with me or are fairly simple so i can do them from memory. The items i have built up so far will be moved aside and i will have a center piece item with others placed around it. I am aiming at an old but elaborate piece of equipment when ever i find one to model and use that. The above render is using LuxRender 0.6.1. It was mentioned on the lux forum that the plastic cup looks a little odd. On reflection something is going wrong there as it almost seems to glow. Apparently 0.6.1 has a bug in the rough glass material (which i used) and this will look much better in 0.7, See below (with added stuff)

Lux 0.7RC2 version with more random items

It indeed looks much better! Actually looking like plastic. It is a 40% mix of roughglass and glass. The lens rod is just set as having a plastic like index of refraction. The bolts are made using Blenders included bolt generating wizard. The main addition to this is the amp shunt (the black object with the wire clamps). The wires of that are also a new little trick i learnt to allow me to extrude an object along a path.

making a cable using a circle and a path.

The place to look on this image is the BevOb: in the Curve and Surface box. This is set to WireTube which is a curve circle. It then turns the path into a tube. This is VERY handy to know, as often you think about adding string like objects to a scene, or something which has a natural curve and would be difficult to produce by hand.


As this is more of a hobby than an occupation, i do start to play around from time to time just messing around with interesting shapes or making abstract scenes. I will likely post alot of these from time to time.

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