Making the perfect, imperfect

One thing that can spell the death of an attempted realistic render is… perfection. A perfectly shiny metal surface, smooth sharp edges. While it looks good, it really makes the image just look like a render.

I do have to be honest and say that I enjoy the modelling more than I enjoy getting my materials correct in lux. I for one never liked making my own textures and UV mapping, getting things lined up correctly etc. This is often vital however when trying to add finishing touches to things.

You would have noticed on my previous post that my pentel pencil has a perfectly shiny tip!

Modelled pencil

More realistically the pencil really is only like this for the first month or two of heavy use, after which you get a duller yellow/pink coloured metal (which is obviously cheaper metal or some kinda fake stuff).

For this scene I have attempted or started to add this effect. I have to use a UV map mixed material, so i can keep my shiny metal all over the tip, and then where I want it to appear duller or different, I can have the other material. This tends to happen around the ridges of the tip. Things always to remember when using UV maps in Lux… ALWAYS FLIP in both X and Y. To get your texture in the correct place!!!!
[edit] Iv just had to flip and flip back my UV map, im not completely sure why that is, my advice is to mess around with it until it works, very unscientific i know.

Rubbed surface... but still very very shiny!

The other thing is scratches, for this I want to use a texture to apply a bump map to my surface,

Some scratching and rubbed off shiny surface...

The colour of the under surface is probably a little too extreme, but it is a start.

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2 Responses to Making the perfect, imperfect

  1. Pigumon says:

    Hi, Do you still have your model of the P205? I was thinking about trying to do a rubber grip for a mechanical pencil, and of course the 205 is “the” all around mechanical pencil, so, it would be easier to model a grip if I had the underlying model already done. I understand if you’d rather not just give away something you worked on, but if it’s a not a big deal~~~~ =)

    • Mark says:

      Hi, wow very very very slow reply,

      I do have the model though i guess at this point it is many many man months late. Would it still be useful? There are a few issues with the model, mainly in the clip, the normals are bad and the mesh is not fully closed.

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