Following the last post and still on the theme of making things look a bit…. old, the Amp shunt also included in the scene composed of random things, (the black shiny thing, with 4 knobs on it) actually is rather dusty in real life. It was found in a cupboard full of abandoned equipment.

After a while of experimenting I exported UV maps for the body and used them as mix material texture. It is coloured grey/black where i want dust and is white where i dont. It actually has a little more to it, as i wanted a speckled effect. I did it all using GIMP, layering things up so i could quickly make changes to how dark or noisy it looks.

It is a mix of glossy and matte materials (no guessing which one is which) where the dust is a dark yellow/grey and the base is the same colours as previous. To go along with my last post about scratches, I also added a scratch bump map. Here is the result!

Long time without use.

It probably looks a little weird still, though I put some of that down to the amount of lighting I have and the amount of scenery to increase reflections etc. Still, Im happier with the result.

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