Projects II

This weekend i spent a fair chunk of my free time playing around with adding a complex item to my ‘work’ scene. This came in the form of a low background proportional counter…. (yeah one of those!). They are the kind of things used for emanation chambers, counting very low levels of radioactivity that come from surfaces or objects that are going into low background experiments. Anyway enough of that, google it and you will find out more.

This item will probably serve as a centre piece of the scene. I have added scratched bump maps to a few of the items as you see. few minor corrections here and there to objects (pencil nib, I emphasised the ridge more.) I dont know if i will keep the scratch map on the cup, and the one on the pencil needs toning down a bit, that pencil looks like has been over sand paper or something.

Addition of proportional counter, and lots of scratches

Things to add/change.
Pencil – The flat part needs some text on it! mainly Japan and brand. The brand needs to go somewhere else on the pencil too.
Cables – Need to be more ridged looking rather than smooth, cables can be smooth but, usually they arnt THAT smooth.
Book – Probably want to add another book. Not happy still with the pages. Also want some writing on the book/stains and scuffs.
Proportional counter – Almost finished, but need to add a cable lead possibly. Also one of the tubes has mercury in, at the moment it just looks like air for some reason, probably need to make it look a little darker.

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