Mechanical Spider under a glass

About 6 months ago I did a little experiment, to learn how to use armatures. I made a simple spider model and put a simple bone system through it so it could be posed later.

It was a difficult task first time, blender seemingly not understanding which parts of the mesh I wanted connected to each bone. Quite often (not sure if its an old bug) i would click on a vertex i wanted to tie to a bone and it would simply ignore me.

Anyway, it was more for learning than anything (And I would recommend it) The final result was a mannequin style spider, with ball joints.

I revisited the scene and thought about the whole thing where you catch a spider under a glass and put something like a beer mat or paper under it so you can set it free. This scene was a mechanical take on that, with a robot spider seemingly defeated by a glass, looking up at its captor.

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