Tea for two

Here is an example of me practicing some modelling. This time it is a simple scene, most involving model was the teapot as you might expect.

The teapot in its first form. It does actually have its inside modelled to, so the spout goes all the way down inside rather than being faked. This model was changed a little, making the spout a little shorter (only by a tiny amount), and adding two tea cups and saucers

The next step from this were,
-Tea doesnt look like mud usually
-Add some spoons
-Add a Milk Jug

The next iteration,

The result seems ok – The spoons are stolen from a scene I made a long time ago and seem to fit ok with this scene. The milk jug matches the shape of the Teapot… however it appears too small, it is about half as tall as the tea cups.

Notes and things being worked on/changed
-Make milkjug larger
-TEA!!!!!!!!!! STILL
-The patterning on the spoons makes them look odd, remove it
-I dont like the handles on the teacups, they look odd, make thicker and wider
-Rotate empty cup, and misalign with saucer to make it look less perfect.
-Add other objects… sugar? cloth?

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