Small plays with SLG

After a long break due to various events, I have started toying around with SmallLuxGPU again. This time recreating one of my simpler scenes. In this case it is the recently reworked desktop.

Dade’s addition of Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping allows for rapid rendering of caustics in much the same way bidirectional path tracing does. In SLG this is almost the only way to create lovely caustic photon patterns.

Though the scene isnt identically rendered, much of that is material matching and tonemapping. Overall they match almost identically as far as the caustics go, which was the desired effect.

SLG is now at version 1.6beta2, and includes a Blender2.5 exporter with telnet support alloing the modification of materials on the fly. Its a wonderful feature which allows fine adjustment without having to re-export. For a large complex scene this is a wonderful feature.

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