SLG 1.6beta3dev – More experiments with old scenes

After fixing a few problems with compiling SLG on my mac, I got around to testing out this little (but fairly awesome) app some more.

I turned to an old scene that I made just for the sake of trying to produce a strangely shaped model. I just called it ‘oddness’ back when I made it during the free evenings of a conference I was attending.

I booted up the latest blender 2.5 release and installed the slg exporter and had another play around. The Telnet support of slg allows you to enter a live update mode which allows you to change properties of materials on the fly. It is extremely impressive and allows you to make fine adjustments without having to export the scene over and over.

Here is an image i rendered using the Two GPUs of the GTX295 I own. It uses the SPPM method, I think it turned out great, and only took 6 hours to produce… but note that the original versions of this scene took about 2 days to finish on multiple machines in the full lux application. I really am looking forward to the luxrays integration of lux 0.8. Being able to make renders in such short time scales would be wonderful.

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