Winestein – Update

After getting back some great comments on the LuxRender Forums I decided to make a few changes.

1)The wine looks too dark, something just doesn’t look right with it.
2)Add a wine bottle.

I set about trying to get some optics data for red wine… needless to say there isn’t alot of it about. I did find something on GlobalSpec however (I go there for work related stuff so I snagged myself a paper) the values are in Optical densities. So with a little bit of magic I used a physically correct absorption for a range of wavelengths for Pinot Noir 😀 (I haven’t posted it here, I just used it, though I don’t think it is a closely guarded secret.)

I also modelled a wine bottle with a label (just the LuxRender Logo) The label itself is a mix of Matte and MatteTransparent material to attempt to give it some paper feel so you can see through it a little.

Here is the result, rendered up to 2000 s/pix

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