LuxRender 0.7.1

Lux 0.7.1 is just around the corner, It was suggested it would be out on Sunday (4/10/10) but it hasn’t surfaced yet. Word from the developers sounds like its delayed for last moment bugfixes. That said, thanks to the now ‘out of the box compile’ changes made for compiling LuxRender on the Mac, I snagged 0.7.1RC from the repository to give it a test.

I started out with an old scene that I had up till now abandoned as I had a blender crash frustratingly lost about 2 hours of work so just thew it aside so to speak. The concept was fairly stupid, based on the Spinal Tap “All the way to 11” thing. Except it would be a box with a dial giving the user a setting of how awesome the output would be.

One thing i have spoken about before is making surfaces look blemished or somewhat less perfect. Thanks to the guys at LuxRender I was pointed to a really nice little app by umxprime, called aniso painter. (DirectLink) To use it you need the ‘Processing’ framework, which allows you to prototype java?

Anyway, when you run the code it presents you with a yellow box. Inside it you draw as though you are running your finger over the screen. when you are done you simply hit return, and it gives you images for use as u and v components of the exponent for a glossy material. The result can be really convincing as if the surface has been rubbed or greased up.

I used this extensively in this scene. In order to give the metal a less chrome finish, and to give the surface of the box a imperfect finish. In all the scene still needs work, but Im happy with it thus far to post it up.

The bonus of 0.7.1 is that the extra materials that I tested in 0.8dev are included in this build :D!!!

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