Exterior Scene

After a long long absence from working on new scenes, modelling and rendering. (at least in updating the blog kind of way)
Nearly all my scenes are internal shots, designed for interior lighting or environment maps.

Referencing my ‘The First War of Men’ Blog, writing gives me allot of imaginative ideas regarding scenes and images to go with the writing. Indeed, the title image is as people might have seen, a render of a city scape with some weird shape in the sky.

I had an idea for a scene that is effectively a section of an alien craft which has crashed.onto a desert planet. Simple.

So First I need a landscape – Blender 2.5 can provide me a nice nice landscape in the shape of a ridge as though something has pulled up a big second of land. The craft in its full form doesn’t have much of a shape – it is simply a sphere. An orange skin like section of this is what I want for the scene.

I will work on this scene over time and update the blog as i go.

This is a quick 30min modelling concept image of what I want to do.

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