3rd update – Shard Glass world

As stated in the previous post I wanted to set out to make the surface of the planet sharded, as though made out of slates. I set about achieving this effect by creating some plate like structures, each with 3 levels of different size or shape.


To these I added a displacement modifier, to the z axis, with a standard cloud texture to provide the map. each was set to a factor of about 0.1 blender units as any more really takes the smoothness out of the mesh. The final touch on each is a edge split to retain sharp edges for each level.

I regenerated the previous landscape mesh, or at least as close as i could get to it, this time with a very corse resolution. I then spent a long time duplicating each plate, changing its size, rotation then placing it roughly on the surface of the landscape mesh, providing me with a guide to get the shape correct.  THIS was a long process. It could have been speeded up no doubt but its done now.

My only mistake here was the use of a separate file to generate my plates, this meant when i imported the plates to my scene i lost the texture, and thus the slight distortion of the shapes.

It was at this point I started to panic a little, as when I tried to update the displacement map, blender very happily warned me it couldn’t apply the displacement to linked meshes.

I then learnt that the make link function in the object menu of blender allows me to select all the objects which are linked and copy a new modifier setting to them all. 🙂 So i didnt have to do it one by one!

After this i applied the blender 2.49 modifiers that are not compatable and used 2.49 to export to lux. you will see a few additions but other than simply moving things around and experimenting with an extra weird shape/distortion in the sky nothing much is else is so new.

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