LuxRender 0.8 – Splash contest

It is nearing the time for 0.8 to be released. I have been very quiet on the rendering front due to work and generally not having any time to work on any projects other than simple feature tests. So quiet and only looking at small sections of the forum that I almost missed the 0.8 Splash Contest.

Rather than working on something new, i have decided to re-render and modify my old teacup scene. While it was shown on the previous post in full volumetric scattering glory, I have changed a few parameters and tweaked things and am currently in the process of rendering it for the splash contest. I wish I had more time to polish it, but, unfortunately i dont. The deadline is the end of this month, so im going to use all that time on my CPUs (Two Macs and a PC) to produce a clear image i can submit and cross my fingers.

The rules are simple… the scene must use the new volumetric scattering features of lux. Though, that is not all that has been added… microdisplacement subdivision is an extremely powerful tool which effectively performs very high levels of subdivision to an object on the fly, meaning you can get realistic close up features in a mesh, without using all your RAM. It is however CPU intensive, and such can slow down a render majorly.

All this aside, here is a ‘most up to date’ render for the competition.

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