LuxRender 0.8 Splash Scene

The scene in my pervious post has been rendered up to about 13kS/p and is looking very nice, I would like to extend many thanks to the community on the LuxRender Forum. Due to the CPU intensive nature of the scene, I was given alot of help in making the scene more efficient for rendering, and days of CPU time on many peoples personal PCs in order to render the scene to its current state.

It is simply wonderful to see the scene at this level of samples and for the community to give me so much support.

There are still a number of issues, the first is a dark line around the edge of the tea to cup interface, this is due to overlapping of two volumes which insome cases causes a problem which and causes a dark band. The effect isnt so bad. The other is the blocky spoon.

The blocky spoon comes from the micro-displacement subdivision not supporting smoothed normals. This means that unless i applied a high level of normal loop subdivision, the smoothness would be ignored. Even with a high level of loop, there would still probably be some blockyness to it.

I was recommended to do a boarder render of the scene concentrating only on the spoon. This time turning off the micro-displacement subdivision. This is done in blender by looking through the camera viewport and pressing shift+b, and selecting the area you want to render, changing the material settings and hitting go.

The plan is to get the spoon section up to a similar/same number of samples per pixel and then use GIMP to paste the smaller square over the bad one. *IF* it looks ok and not stupid, then i will go with that one as the final version for the submission.

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