[WIP] Downed starship revisited with LuxRender 0.8

With the inclusion or at least with the possibility of using scattering to create a dusty environment, I have revisited the previous project spoken about in a few posts – Example – .

One thing that I always found difficult to create was a truly different or strange environment and make it look like i didnt just do something strange with the tone mapping.

I loaded up an old version of the scene and applied minimum settings for volumetric scattering. Here is the result.

The number of samples here is fairly low so it is very noisy, but despite that, the scattering gives a impressive glow from the sun and the sunsky. It also gives a slight perception of depth as the hill fades to the left of the scene.

Since then I decided the following

1) Make my own Environment exactly how i want it and to the scale i want it. The specs of this are approximately the following;

Scale -> about 2km square
Environement -> A long trench drawn out be the ship/object, surface should be sandy with rocks and debris scattered.

I spent a little time trying to create this world, and imported the starship part. Once more i applied minimal settings for the scattering volume and hit go.

One thing that always bothered me in my previous work with this type of scene is that ultimately the scene will be from someone looking out. So I used a cube as a setting device. The camera is located 1.7m above the ground, with the cube being 1m in dimensions set a short distance ahead so it is visible.

It is a start

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