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Python + Boost + LuxRender = working pylux?

Yesterday I tried to fix an issue which I think i noted before on my Linux environment in which, ¬†Python Boost and LuxRender would compile seemingly fine, however when i try to use pylux in blender 2.5 I am left … Continue reading


Simple is Beautiful

With the release of LuxRender 0.8 comes a new competition. The competition has been running since early this month, and ends at the end (strangely enough!). The example previous competition was a to luxrender example scene that could ship with … Continue reading

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Change of Linux Distribution

At home my PC has 3 OS’s installed, Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu. I don’t really use a bootloader, i use the motherboard boot device selector to switch between the two drives (7 has a drive to itself, and … Continue reading

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[WIP] Downed Starship – Cleanup, Mountains and stones.

Working on the Downed Starship in blender 2.57 has brought a few challenges, one of them being placement of debris. Previously I used the game engine to simulate physics. however ,with some of the simulation occuring using the older 2.49 … Continue reading

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[WIP] Downed Starship, in helmet render

I wanted to do some kind of real view, as though looking through the eyes of someone standing at the scene of the downed starship. This presents a few issues, scale, focal length and getting the materials and volumetrics to … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.8 Final

As the tile says, LuxRender 0.8 is finally released as a stable version. Barring any major bugfixes it is good to use. I suspect a 0.8.1 version will be released as appears traditional. To get hold of it, along with … Continue reading

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