I have always been interested in the subject of 3d rendering and graphics, ever since I saw and played some of the first 3d games back in the 80s. Things have come along way since then as everyone can see. During one of my more frustrating weekends with my University work 2 years ago I decided I would unwind by playing around with learning some 3d modelling. Within a few minutes I had found Blender and was producing some fairly basic shapes.

Most of what I did during those early stages was to try to learn the user interface and the tricks and tools (which I am still learning). Over time I have been trying to experiment with more complex shapes and developing scenes that are more than arbitrary shapes. About a year ago or so I came across LuxRender, an unbiased physically based rendering package. This allowed me to move from Blenders internal render engine which I always found a challenge to setup and make something look realistic, to rendering closer to photo-realstic objects. To say photo-realistic is a little bit of a stretch, but it is quite impressive what you can do with Lux.

I will periodically post anything interesting or current projects of mine for all to see. Along with things that I learn along the way.

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