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Raspberry Pi, Soft-emu vs Hard float. [Updated]

I have had chance to build LuxRender on two distributions. The official Debian build, which uses software emulated floating point, and Raspbian, a build which uses hardware floating point and compiled to the specific ARM chip the Raspberry Pi has. … Continue reading

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LuxRender on the Raspberry Pi

[UPDATE] 15 April 2013 – Due to some drastic code changes in the lux and the recent work by the developers into making SLG an active render engine, it is likely that these instructions will not work for latest versions … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi

The RaspberryPi is a small cheap ARM based bare-bones PC targetted at school kids and educators for teaching basic and probably some more advanced level computer science at schools. I think it is an amazing project and something I have … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.9dev – Normal Mapping Support

Thanks to the great efforts of LordCrc, the development builds of LuxRender now have Normal mapping support. It can be accessed by defining a luxrender texture type as a normal map in the luxblend25 exporter. Once defined like this, it … Continue reading

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LuxBlend in Blender 2.58

I have recently been trying to practice and get used to LuxBlend in the new-ish Blender 2.58. After using 2.49b for so long, the changes dont come naturally. That said, I need to move with the times and get used … Continue reading


Python + Boost + LuxRender = working pylux?

Yesterday I tried to fix an issue which I think i noted before on my Linux environment in which, ¬†Python Boost and LuxRender would compile seemingly fine, however when i try to use pylux in blender 2.5 I am left … Continue reading


Simple is Beautiful

With the release of LuxRender 0.8 comes a new competition. The competition has been running since early this month, and ends at the end (strangely enough!). The example previous competition was a to luxrender example scene that could ship with … Continue reading

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Change of Linux Distribution

At home my PC has 3 OS’s installed, Windows 7, Windows XP and Ubuntu. I don’t really use a bootloader, i use the motherboard boot device selector to switch between the two drives (7 has a drive to itself, and … Continue reading

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[WIP] Downed Starship – Cleanup, Mountains and stones.

Working on the Downed Starship in blender 2.57 has brought a few challenges, one of them being placement of debris. Previously I used the game engine to simulate physics. however ,with some of the simulation occuring using the older 2.49 … Continue reading

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[WIP] Downed Starship, in helmet render

I wanted to do some kind of real view, as though looking through the eyes of someone standing at the scene of the downed starship. This presents a few issues, scale, focal length and getting the materials and volumetrics to … Continue reading

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