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[WIP] Downed starship revisited with LuxRender 0.8

With the inclusion or at least with the possibility of using scattering to create a dusty environment, I have revisited the previous project spoken about in a few posts – Example – . One thing that I always found difficult … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.8 Splash Scene

The scene in my pervious post has been rendered up to about 13kS/p and is looking very nice, I would like to extend many thanks to the community on the LuxRender Forum. Due to the CPU intensive nature of the … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.8dev – Volumetric Scattering

This gallery contains 70 photos.

With a new year comes the realisation that most of my 3D rendering has come in the form of playing with the development builds in between working hard and playing video games. Well, one of the long-long awaited features wanted … Continue reading

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Exterior scene first iteration

After a little bit of experimentation, I found that my first changes would be the use of icospheres rather than uv. This produces a triangular mesh which breaks up the hard straight edges. Using the sculpt tools I then went … Continue reading

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Exterior Scene

After a long long absence from working on new scenes, modelling and rendering. (at least in updating the blog kind of way) Nearly all my scenes are internal shots, designed for interior lighting or environment maps. Referencing my ‘The First … Continue reading

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PC upgrades

As anyone would understand, the more complex a scene, the more textures it uses etc the bigger the memory footprint. I mainly do my modelling and rendering between a MacBook Pro, and a Desktop PC using either Windows XP or … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.8-dev – Velvet and Surface asperity

Since LuxRender 0.7 came out a while back, there has been a steady push into the next instalment of Lux. While we are due a bugfix release 0.7.1, which looks just around the corner, I am going to check out … Continue reading

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