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LuxRender on the Raspberry Pi

[UPDATE] 15 April 2013 – Due to some drastic code changes in the lux and the recent work by the developers into making SLG an active render engine, it is likely that these instructions will not work for latest versions … Continue reading

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LuxRender 0.8-dev – Velvet and Surface asperity

Since LuxRender 0.7 came out a while back, there has been a steady push into the next instalment of Lux. While we are due a bugfix release 0.7.1, which looks just around the corner, I am going to check out … Continue reading

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Small plays with SLG

After a long break due to various events, I have started toying around with SmallLuxGPU again. This time recreating one of my simpler scenes. In this case it is the recently reworked desktop. Dade’s addition of Stochastic Progressive Photon Mapping … Continue reading

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GPGPU rendering, LuxRays and SmallLuxGPU

This will be more an information post than anything else… but its something i have been watching very closely. Ever since CUDA was being pushed as the best thing since sliced bread, a few people on the Lux forums were … Continue reading

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